Darben Overview

As a leading company we could expand and develop our activities in major fields of food and at this moment our main activity is supplying variety of edible oils from most creditable companies. Our goal is to gain the satisfaction of vegetable oil manufacturer which based on customer oriented principles. In this way, according to our experiments and potentials we are also active on variety of feed for livestock and poultries like oil cake, corn, barley and wheat. This company did its greatest effort to be in the circle of the best importers of main commodities and in this way due to its main principle of customer oriented believes that the expenses are never obstacles to present and deliver quality goods to its customers.


Our activity

We have a strong relationship with the top suppliers in the world and Iran's manufacturer, and based on our knowledge and experience, we have a great ability to supply quality food.

About us

According to our knowledge and skill , we do our best to meet the market needs via the best international companies and distribute all around the country.

Our goals

Our main target based on customer orientation via persisting and constant activities to supply qualified commodities to distribute all around the country.

Cooperation due to development

Beyond our current activities we are eager to expand our ability and potentiality. However, we have oncoming plans for applying modern technologies by potential students of this country. So keep in touch with us.